IT hardware is a commodity.

Trade it like one.

MarkITx is a neutral and transparent exchange that uses pricing intelligence to enable fair, secure and seamless trading of high quality IT hardware.

AlwaysOn Top 100 Winner - OnFinance 2015

Why sell on the exchange?

  1. Quick pick-up and seamless servicing
  2. Up to 5x return compared to other methods
  3. Certified environmental policies
  4. Guaranteed data security

Before you trade, find out what your gear is worth for free

Our proprietary pricing model estimates the fair market value of your equipment.

Unique to MarkITx:
  • Industry-first pricing guidance driven by real market insights
  • Advanced modeling based on $57B of pricing data and 475M data points
  • In-depth, component-level detail
accuracy of our fair market value estimate in most cases
blocks close above fair market value within a week of being listed

What's a Block Trade?

To support large enterprises, we specialize in trading equipment in bulk quantities, typically valued over $20,000.


Sellers aggregate demand by setting a reserve price and trading all their gear in one fell swoop.


MarkITx guarantees all aspects of the trade by assuming all the counterparty risk.


Buyers gain access to an assortment of brand-name gear and bid in an auction-style trade.

Did you know?

After 3 years, this equipment retained over 30% of its original value.

Cisco Router ASR1002 Value: $3,000
Dell Server PowerEdge R620 Value: $2,924
Juniper Switch EX2200-48P-4G Value: $675

Why buy on the exchange?

  1. Source high-quality gear and amp up deal flow
  2. No financial or quality risk
  3. Anonymous trading
  4. 0% trade commission fees
Avg. number of items
Avg. trade value
48 hrs
Avg. block duration
What blocks are trading now?

Comprehensive aftermarket services across an entire product lifecycle

Partnering with best-in-class aftermarket service providers, MarkITx provides a full range of reverse logistics services to deliver a seamless experience to our customers.

Services include: auditing, DOD certified data destruction, reconditioning, repairing, refurbishing and shipping.

MarkITx provides green IT disposal.

Environmentally friendly recycling with green certification