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MarkITx is an online exchange fueled by real-time market intelligence. Understand the value of your IT infrastructure, sell your used equipment and source certified, refurbished gear at a fair price.

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Get connected to the global IT market with real-time data, safe transactions and end-to-end service.


Bid on used gear to expand your current infrastructure and setup affordable backup systems. Production-ready equipment is fully inspected and guaranteed.


When we match buyers and sellers, everyone benefits. MarkITx stands behind every transaction and we take care of all the details including inspection, refurbishment, payment and shipping.


Ask the right price with clear price guidance. No haggling with buyers or worrying about getting paid. Don't just make room for new gear, get a significant return on your invested capital.

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Refurbished EMC Storage and Servers Refurbished Dell Servers Refurbished Juniper Networking Hardware Refurbished HP Networking and Servers Refurbished Cisco Network Equipment

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Watch Frank Muscarello's debut appearance on Bloomberg's Taking Stock with Pimm Fox where he discusses how MarkITx is changing the way IT hardware is bought and sold.

CTO Ben Blair said the exchange works like "a two-sided market." Once IT departments investigate the potential resale value of their equipment on MarkITx, they will maximize the return on their budgets.

You don't need wearables or geo-whatever to satisfy your obsession with quantifying your life – MarkITx's resident data scientist crunched his lunches to come up with a happiness-per-gram metric.

MarkITx sees big opportunity around networking hardware in financial service companies. Low-latency trading firms refresh equipment frequently, making product available to buyers on the exchange.

Jones Lang LaSalle has teamed up with MarkITx to help the real estate brokerage firm and its clients realize capital and operating costs savings by using MarkITx.

Tune in to the fast-growing financial network as CEO Frank Muscarello talks about bootstrapping MarkITx and how the company continues to grow.